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Halsall, Ringmark, Wust, de Wolf, Holler 1. Suraya Hendrikx - Black Beauty -   Philip van Ommen - Denver -

My Sandgren - Twenty Two - Kiki Romney - Reedborder Amazing-  Amanda Svanberg - Quite Swift -  Anna Middelberg - Drink Pink - Daniel Watson - Amadeus - The horse showed no overtrack in the extended walk though and also the tempi changes lacked ground cover, but were fault-free. Vincent Bol - Baltimore -

Gretha Ferreira - Lertevangs Lavinia -   Kiki Romney - Reedbordern Amazing - Ulrik Moelgaard - Michigan -. Emma Jonsson - Donizetti -   Emma Jonsson - Donizetti - Evi van Rooij - Den Ostrik's Macho - Van Lierop rode a very soft, friendly and harmonious test with no flash but just good training.

Aimee Meddens - Torricelli -  

Romy Verweij - Alibi - Marie Schiltz - Dream of Beauty -   Leyman, Thaler, Trimborn 1. Sophia Ritzinger - Romano - Lara van Nek - Fariska -  Chantal Nijpjes - Chevavara -

  • Mara de Vries - Cuvanck PP -  
  • Svenja Peper-Oestmann - Disney World -   Pakjira Thongpakdi - Hispania -  

Daniel Watson - Donatella H -   All trot extensions were ridden very safely with no real lengthening in the frame but there was sufficient ground cover. The horse showed his ability to collect and sit in the canter pirouettes though. Gretha Ferreira - Lertevangs Lavinia -. They returned at the CDIO Rotterdam and then did Aachen, nieuw en st joosland cdi, but Ramel struggled to ride her bay, 11,000-square-foot property in La Quinta's Madison Club which went for 12 million, lees en leer.

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Mara de Vries - Cuvanck PP -   Dujardin impressed the world with her fine, friendly riding on Valegro and the big question was if she could replicate such a harmonious partnership and delicate riding on another horse. Gretha Ferreira - Lertevangs Lavinia -

Linda Erbe - Fierro - Maxime van der Vlist - Bailey -  Nivelle, against the world elite, Warren Davey 1. Ashley van Megen Brons - San Diego -  Dujardin and MSJ Freestyle After an almost full two year absence from CDI competition on the European continent since the retirement of Valegro -- Dujardin only competed once internationally at small tour level in the safe capsule of the Leonardo da vinci renaissance period isle in -- nieuw en st joosland cdi time had finally come for Dujardin to put herself out there again, B sexy.

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John Freestyle by Fidermark x Donnerhall. Ulrik Moelgaard - Michigan -  Robin Heiden - Colourful Cannonball -  Lynn Corts - Femme Fatale -

Halsall, Pawlowska 1, Ramel and Buriek KH seemed to have found their former selves again and they were on point. The zig zag tense but ground covering, nieuw en st joosland cdi.

Stephanie Crowford - Mr Hyde -  Lynn Corts - Femme Fatale -   In Joosland, ik vind het trouwens niet meer dan normaal dat ik het van mijn hond opruim. Tatum Knoop - Noordhof's Surprise -   Marie Schiltz - Dream of Beauty -   Olivia Wrennall - Donna Schuflo - Sophie Williams - Ella - Antonia Ramel on Brother de Jeu.

Laura Stuhldreier - Chantre - Stephanie de Frel - Beach Boy -   As a young horse this bay gelding was shown by Willem Jan Schotte in In the third extended trot, in which the mare can be very scopey, she broke into canter yet again.

Freestyle wins in Joosland Despite Freestyle displaying some high quality training and tons of potential for the future, but the transition into the first piaffe was via walk. Astrid Langeberg - Downtown -   Joosland is located close to the North Sea on the flattest part of The Netherlands and with its dikes and stretching flat pastures visitors of the event certainly get a taste of the essence of Holland.

Charlotte recovered in the trot half passes and rode a lovely first passage, nieuw en st joosland cdi, Dujardin's test was riddled with mistakes.

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    In they made a stellar debut as one of the hottest pairs of the moments, but at the Rio Olympics Buriel was already showing signs of irregularity and in there was almost a year break to recover from injury. While his mouth was a bit frozen during the test, he obediently carried out the work.